quick jot: just a cool dream I had this morning

I dreamed I was in the Terminator future war fighting for my life. I was hunkered down in a large bunker waiting for the terminators to attack. But I didn't have a gun! So I went asking around to other resistance members for guns. One, and injured man caring for a child, gave me his gun, but he warned me it was a specialty: an "Electron Filament Gun" that shot out electrified micro filaments, (looking sort of like electrified fishing line." The gun was yellow and black and had a spindle on top coiling the filaments. I took it, but was doubtful, wanting a second, more traditional weapon.

I found another soldier, caring for a young son and a young daughter, and he let me have his silver pistol. this helped me feel a little better. I kept both guns just in case.

The battle rolls around. A wave of Terminator Endoskeletons appear. I take the silver pistol and shoot a few down. I works! with my help, we survive that wave. But I become dismayed: I'm out of ammo for the pistol! I ask around, trying to find more but can't find any! and more enemies are coming! having no choice, I pull out the electron filament gun.

The next enemy that comes? Soundwave from the Decepticons! He stands before us, getting ready to eject one of his many minions. Before he can press the button though, I shoot the filament gun dead center at his chest. The electrified micro cabling quickly wraps itself around him, forcing closed his chest and keeping him from attacking. then the charge shorts him out, and he collapses.

Then Megatron appears! I think we're screwed, but fortunately Optimus Prime shows up to fight him, while the resistance is handling one last wave of terminators. with my electron filament gun, I take careful aim and shoot Megatron in the hips, limiting his movements and allowing Optimus Prime to defeat him.

The day was one! cool dream, eh?

life updates.

No, I didn't forget about live journal now that I'm back at Toon zone!

-Financial situation improved over the last 2 months. still in debt, but not hopelessly so.

-In light of the prior fact, I've launched a full campaign to be free of Walmart. no success just yet, but the effort continues. Hoping to get another job lined up to avoid resorting to the "leap of faith." (that is, quitting a current job with no prospects of other jobs.) The big risk of the leap of faith is running out of money before you get the new job, or, actually, before you get the first pay check of the new job. Still, the leap of faith does have two big advantages: it gives you the free time and the proper motivation to find employment. So we'll see.

- Had some extra money lying around today. And I'll admit, my instincts for extra money go a little something like this:

10Get Taco Bell
20Get New DVD
30Get New Transformer
40Goto 10

Got the taco bell. Regretted it, as I do a full half the time. as for the DVD and the Transformer, well, I got transformer. At target, they had a clearance, and I found $20 Transformer onsale for $5. I sorta already had him, (in a different color scheme,) but my inner shopper said "75% off you fool! Buy it!" so I did. But, not really having anything to do with it, I'm keeping him MISB for now. Not that I really expect a return on the investment, but then again it ain't out of the question...

As for the DVD, I did refrain. Looney toons Gold Collectin 1 was tempting, because I've had a hankering to see some of the old Daffy Duck/Porky Pig cartoons lately. But whenever I think about getting one of those gold collections, my brain chokes on the $50 price tag. It counter offers to get a spotlight collection, but then I go, "but that's not near as good as a gold collection AND would be redundant to it's matching Gold collection, there for making it that much harder to justify getting the gold collections down the line!" So, naturally, my brain starts getting a little smart ass with me. It goes, "okay, how about this: why don't you go home and gift wrap one of the many DVDs you already own, then open it and pretend it's a new DVD. how about that?" I go "F U" but admit he does have a point. so, I go home, and, skipping the gift wrap phase, watch most of Justice League season 2 today. I had started watching through justice league a couple of weeks ago. And it was good.

I nearly annually watch BTAS straight through, then move onto STAS with the intention of watching it all, then crap out either half way through stas or the fourth set of BTAS. so I hadn't watched Justice League in a while. After wards, if I have the momentum, I'll move onto Batman Beyond and give the ol' "watch DCAU chronologically" theory a chance. Even though I know it's inappropriate and anti climatic.

Also, soon I'd like to review New Frontier and Gotham Nights for Toonzone forums. New Frontier is cool, Gotham Nights a major disappointment. I guess those are my micro reviews. I'm still intending to joke with myself about nudity possibilities in the Wonderwoman uncut DVD, (because I'm such a nudity fiend, but, let's not get into that.) I was also thinking about reviewing Freakazoid Season 1 for Toon Zone news, but Maxie Zeus beat me to it. But let me just say that Freakazoid is not as unapproachable as he makes it seem, but I do think you have to have been there and watched the WB silver age as it was airing to fully appreciate it. (especially that joke where they threaten to stop the episode cold to put on some more Animaniacs reruns, and for one uncomfortably long moment it seems they are going to make good on it.)

So, yeah.

Sigh... disappointment.

I'm going to get into trouble for posting this, but a full review Transformers: Animated Seasons 1 and 2 is going to have to come soon. Why? Because it's a very very good show that refuses to become great and tends to fall apart in it's season finales. Transformers is franchise with a lot of handicaps. There have been some good points, (the first series was good at sketching broad characters that were easy to love or love to hate, like Starscream, Soundwave, and Optimus Prime) but the whole franchise has suffered from it's need to shill for toys. it hurts the fiction in so many profound ways. Transformers animated is probably THE best thing with the Transformers name on it EVER, and does so many things right, it's just so disappointing when it gets some things SO wrong. Specifically, the season finales. And even more specifically, the Season 2 finale.

So, you may ask, what's so wrong with the finales? for now, without getting into it, it suffers from Teen Titans Syndrome. Yes, that's where I'd put it. Lots of build up to fall apart into something mediocre. So, it's significantly worse than what happened on JLU, (JLU had good stories that would end on totally non-sequitar twists that totally derailed the story they HAD been telling, but then again the totally new stories that came out of nowhere right at the end were fairly good in there own right, as long as you accepted they had no connection to the story they were building too,) but way not as bad as what happens on that abomination that is Heroes, (which is purely the mechanics but none of the soul of serialized television. It's nothing but a series of twist endings, big reveals and build up that doesn't gel and doesn't go anywhere. When heroes throws a big twist at you, you can be assured it will be taken back within two episodes. When it reveals something, you can be assured that the premise of the whole show will change to render the reveal void. And you can always be assured that all the tension is building to a great big nothing.)

I'll talk about it later.

life... sucks?

Here's the deal. For the last decade, I've had personal enemy. A man who I hate. A man who, in my opinion, hurt my family time and again, by instigating my parent's divorce, turning my brother hateful, (and, I hate to say it, kinda narrow minded and stupid,) married my sister, then left and humiliated her. He fathered my beloved nephew, and I watched this man disappoint my nephew time and again. I HATED this man like I've never hated anyone else in my life.

And now... he's dead.

None of us had heard from him in 2 months. Tuesday, he ends up being arrested. tried to rob a convenience store and snatch a purse, but witnesses pursued him and held him for the police. "Ha Ha, what a stupid asshole!" I thought. Considering this guy used to have a 6 figure income and was cocky as hell, I was happy to see him taken down a peg.

Then, I get the news: he was a heroin addict and bipolar, but the cops didn't have a suicide watch on him. Suffering withdrawls, he hung himself with his bed sheets. was there for hours until he was found. Taken to the hospital. coma for 2 days. finally died this morning. Despite having been remarried, my sister is still taking it rough. And we don't know what to tell my nephew/his son.

And I... don't really know how I'm supposed to feel about this. I've roller costered from deflated relief to ANGER!!!! to sorrow. I... just don't know.

But it's left me with the oddest and most inappropriate desire to watch "Return of the Joker" again...